Devin Townsend Project- Eras - Vinyl Collection Part III (10 LPs)

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
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Eras - Vinyl Collection Part III” is the third of a total of four Devin Townsend vinyl box sets.

The box contains the albums: "Accelerated Evolution" (Gatefold 2LP) "Epicloud" (Gatefold 2LP) "Transcendence" (Gatefold 2LP) "Sky Blue" (Gatefold 2LP) “Live At Royal Albert Hall” (Gatefold 2LP)

All on 180 gram vinyl plus LP booklet with liner notes and comments by Devin Townsend, all wrapped up in a sturdy 2-piece box set, worldwide limited to only 2500 copies.

The initial vinyl versions of all studio albums included in the box are long sold out and highly sought-after items, “Live At The Royal Albert Hall” is the second part of the “Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall” live album and has so far never been released on vinyl before.

“Sky Blue” and “Live At The Royal Albert Hall” have been newly mastered for vinyl for optimal listening experience.

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