Tielman Brothers - Golden Years

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De Tielman Brothers zijn de grondleggers van de Nederlandse rock & roll-scene. Hun geweldige live optredens bleven niet onopgemerkt in de rest van Europa, en al snel tourden ze door Duitsland, België en vele andere landen. Op deze 2LP set staan ​​alle singles uit hun hoogtijdagen.

The Tielman Brothers are the founders of the Dutch rock & roll scene. Originally from former Dutch colony Indonesia, where they were able to hear the first rock & roll artists on American radio, they moved to The Netherlands in the late 1950’s and brought the music with them.

The band featured brothers Reggy, Pnthon, Andu and Loulou Tielma. T heir sister Jane Tielman would sometimes join them as well. Both their virtuosity and showmanship made them a highly demanded live band, and soon they released their first single “Rock Little Baby Of Mine”.

  • Tielman Brothers Golden Years is available as a limited edition
  • 1000 individually numbered copies
  • Red vinyl.

Genre: Rock 'n Roll

2 Vinyl LP
Coloured Vinyl