Billie Holiday - Bily Holiday Sings + An Evening With (LP)

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Platenbak SALE - 3 copies left!
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‘Billie Holiday Sings’ is her first full-length album, released in the United States by Clef Records in 1952 on the 10-inch format. It contains her versions of “These Foolish Things”, which was covered in 1973 by Bryan Ferry and the classic standard “Blue Moon”.

1953’s ‘An Evening With’, her second ten-inch studio album, contains the famous Cotton Club song “Stormy Weather” and a translation of Edith Piaf’s success song “Mon Homme”, introduced by Billie Holiday as a jazz/blues recording called “My Man”.

Both albums were recorded with a sextet including Oscar Peterson on piano, Ray Brown on double bass and Alvin Stoller on drums.

  • The LP is limited in solid white & transparent green vinyl.

Genre: Jazz