Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue (2 LPs)

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Global superstar Ellie Goulding has revealed details of her highly anticipated fourth studio album, Brightest Blue, with a new release date of July 17th on Interscope Records. The project will include a number of recent releases alongside a plethora of new songs, with the album being set in two parts, “Brightest Blue” (executively produced by Ellie Goulding & Joe Kearns) and “EG.0,” respectively. Across the two halves, Goulding has enlisted a number of writers and producers to help create the finished product, including the likes of Tobias Jesso Jr., Starsmith, ILYA, serpentwithfeet, Patrick Wimberly (of Chairlift) and Jim Eliot amongst others.

Genre: Pop