Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes (LP)

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Cheat Codes is Danger Mouse’s first hip-hop album in seventeen years - since his 2005 DangerDOOM collaboration with the late, great MF DOOM - and Black Thought’s only full length collaboration beyond his pioneering music in The Roots.

No Gold Teeth is the debut single from the dream team duo of Danger Mouse & Black Thought, and the first single from Cheat Codes. On No Gold Teeth, Danger Mouse’s soulful, freewheeling production serves as the perfect backdrop to Black Thought’s metronomic, pin-sharp and chorus-free lyrical deluge.

  • The result is a dizzying, thrilling opening single from two of contemporary music’s most respected artists.
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  • feat: Joey Bada$$, Russ, Dylan Cartlidge, Michael Kiwanuka, Raekwon, Run the  Jewels
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