King Curtis - Soul Meeting (LP)

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King Curtis, the pride of Fort Worth, Texas, came up in various R&B settings and he recorded with Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings and Andy Williams. “Soul Meeting” is the sixth album by King Curtis and was recorded by Rudy Van Gelder in New Jersey. King Curtis is accompanied by Nat Adderly (Cornet), Wynton Kelly, (Piano), Sam Jones (Bass) and Belton Evans (Drums). Nat and Wynton are supportive and offer up fine solos, and the rhythm section is solid, no matter which one is playing. “Soul Jazz” hadn’t quite come on the scene yet, but King Curtis was laying a foundation down for it. “Soul Meeting” is said to be one of his best albums.

  • Ft. Nat Adderly & Wynton Kelly
  • Rec. By Rudy Van Gelder

Genre: R&b