Fleetwood Mac - Many Faces Of Fleetwood Mac (2 LPs)

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In The Many Faces of Fleetwood Mac, the lesser known side of the band is explored as well as its 18 past and current members. CD1 opens with one of the most successful hit singles of the "early incarnation" of Fleetwood Mac. Man of the world, written by Peter Green, was originally release in April of 1960 and peaked at #2 in the UK chart. Green re-recorded it in 1999 with his Peter Green Splinter Group for their 1999 release, Destiny Road. It's undeniable that the "classic" line-up of Fleetwood-McVie-McVie-Buckingham-Nicks has been the one that has provided the band with its biggest hits. For that reason, the final part of CD2 of the collection is dedicated to five of the band most well-known songs re-invented by Karen Souza, Jazzystics and Anakelly among others. CD 3 features the band during a live presentation in California in 1997 that features most of their greatest hits including Dreams, Go Your Own Way, Everywhere, The Chain, Big Love and Gypsy Also, it features the live debut of the song Temporary One and Silver Springs for the first time in concert since 1977.

2 Vinyl LP
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