Newtown Neurotics - Beggars Can be Choosers (LP)

Re-release on Vinyl
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Repress of 150 copies on red vinyl! The first album by seminal political power punk trio Newtown Neurotics, 'Beggars Can Be Choosers', hit no. 6 in the UK independent charts in 1983. Formed in 1979 by vocalist and guitarist Steve Drewett, whose socialist-flavoured lyrics -never overbearing- have been grouped with those of Easterhouse, Billy Bragg or the Housemartins, the Neurotics sounded like a synthesis of everything cool in the first wave of punk: from The Ramones to The Clash to mid-period Undertones; sharp-edged, but still fun-sounding, with great hooks and melodies and socially aware lyrics. Criminally underrated Ramones-influenced political pop-punk. Titles like 'Living With Unemployment' and 'Get Up And Fight' speak for themselves. A must!

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Genre: Punk